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Benedict Solomon

CEO of Eminence Africa: Sierra Leone’s Up-and-Coming Hub for Entertainment Management 

Eminence Africa has really taken off. What are you doing different in the industry to showcase African talent? 

Africa is slowly building a movement in the music, events and tourism sector and is quite Afrocentric about it. The movement is about being proud of their roots and getting back in touch with their lost concept of culture and Sierra Leone is slowly moving up on the movement.

Eminence Africa believes that a photo or carbon copy can never be as perfect as the original and so we are focused on being authentic Africans. Our strength is in our abilities as individuals from diverse backgrounds which we use to boldly showcase the beauty in diversity.

More so, we do believe and engage in collaborations and partnerships, which is essential because we want to efficiently disseminate our course.

Our underlying values are our guiding principles: integrity, discipline, decency, professionalism, quality and passion. At Eminence, we cater for every type of audience old and young, professional or not, literates or illiterates. By doing so, Eminence Africa Entertainment transforms passion into greatness!

Ben Eminence
Eminence Africa 2

Who came up with the idea of Unusual Sunday and how do you keep it current?

Sundays are slowly becoming relaxing chill days for young people. The domestic tourism platform doesn’t provide much options in terms of Sunday entertainment. The Director of Projects and Communications; Miss Sarah Laura Tucker, came up with the “Unusual Sunday” idea.

By applying robust publicity and difference exciting concepts such as a live preforming band, host and guest artist performances, Unusual Sunday is becoming a go-to event not to be missed.


The international spotlight is very much on Africa right now. From Burna Boy to Black Coffee; Wizkid to Emmerson Bockarie… How are you taking advantage of this exposure? 

Although Eminence Africa Entertainment is a baby in the industry, the team is a strong one with professional and experienced individuals in diverse domains who grasp concepts, ideas, opportunities and chances and turn them into unimaginable reality. We are building on our platform through our collaborative engagements with artists from other African countries; Victor AD, …

So, we are just going to stay true to our course, open up to and reach out for more partnerships and collaborations, while the team remains in firmness and unity.

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