St John’s Maroon Church

This is one of the oldest places of worship in the City dating from 1820 when the founder received a Crown Grant of the land between Percival and Liverpool Streets with frontage in Westmoreland Street [now Siaka Stevens Street]. The small white building surrounded by a low, white wall standing in its own grounds forms a welcome break in the monotony of Westmoreland Street. It is the only Church that bears the name of one of the original groups who formed this Colony, the Maroons from Jamaica, and it is in the part of Freetown originally allotted to them and called Maroon Town.
There is now only a small band of worshippers and not of the most affluent in the community and in order to preserve the fabric and discourage or prevent this property passing into other hands and being demolished to make way for more utilitarian buildings this proclamation was made. It still continues to be used as a place of worship.
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