The Warehouse by Evoque

The Warehouse has caused a stir in the Freetown night life. Impressive, as it has only been running for just over a year. It deserves the number one spot on this list because, apart from good music, a nice variety of people and excellent service, they are by far the most creative with programming. From fluor nights to popping champagne to haunted houses to Thursday reggae nights with free entry- the club keeps the customers coming by offering different kinds of entertainment. Good for the diversity of the sometimes monotonous party nights in Freetown. And it has been praised; the Warehouse received the ‘Club of the Year’- award by the National Entertainment Awards held this year. What makes this club truly special though is the ethos of the three ladies that run Warehouse. Nicola Asgill and Violet Asgill (the owners) and Maria Azar (the managers) are the three superwomen that have made the club a success. Most of the interior design has been upcycled, such as the tire-sofa’s and the beer-bottle ceiling, and they treat the staff extremely well.
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