A unique bar and restaurant, an oasis of calm nestled amongst beautiful and lush tropical fruit trees and flowers, in Aberdeen, Freetown. Toma is a triumph of vision and design – a celebration of African cultural heritage and contemporary European design. Simple yet sophisticated, inviting yet beguiling, Toma is a world within a world. From the inquisitive gaze of age-old masks, a door suspended on the ceiling, to the rolling film of swaying banana trees which form the backdrop of the iconic bar, there is detail and mystery at every turn.
Venue Details
Working Hours
  • Weekdays
    MON – THURS: Restaurant 10.00am – midnight. Bar 10:00am – 1:30am
  • Saturday
    FRI & SAT Restaurant 10:00am – 1:30am. Bar 10:00am – 2:30am
  • Sunday
    Restaurant & Bar 10:00am – midnight.